Hobby Lobby saves the day

So my mother in-law is old school. She sends me magazine clippings of what she wants me to make/buy for Christmas.

So I got a torn out catalogue page of this. Budget is tight, so $50 is not going to fly this year.

Walking through Hobby Lobby, I found where they sell various cheap wooden frames frames and blank signs for hand lettering. $13? I can do that! (Don’t forget that 40% off coupon)

So the frame I bought had a bit of a problem. It’s 1” thick, and the board to laser is right in the middle of that thickness. If you take out the bed and prop it up, you can get the surface to the right height, but the gantry bumps into it. After trying multiple things for a few hours using that wonderful bed calculator, I had to give in and just pop it out of the frame.

The nails weren’t very cooperative going back in, so I used some CA Glue. We had some minimal charring where the mask peeled up, but after testing an alcohol swab in the corner to make sure it wouldn’t remove the paint, I was able to clean it up no problem. I still scrubbed in the direction of the brush strokes just in case. I’m pretty happy with it.

2 Passes, Full Speed, 60% Power


Great result! I like yours better actually. The Woodpile plaques have been really useful for me too and I’ve used them several times. I’ve gotten pretty good at deconstructing them. :slight_smile:


I like them but this first reassembly attempt was a bit rough. My glue job was pretty sloppy, but since it dries white, it kind of just looks like part of the paint.

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Looks great!

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This is great! There used to be a decorating show where they would show a room decorated with very expensive high end merchandise, then the decorator would reproduce the look with cheaper alternatives and homemade items. This piece reminds me of that show.


That came out great.

As for the glue, “You don’t have to be perfect to be amazing!”


I think I’d watch the heck outta that show.


Happy birthday @Brandon_R! :grinning::tanabata_tree::confetti_ball::balloon:

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And happy birthday!

Thank you! My kids made me a “Keto Party Bubbly”.


But isn’t that appropriate for the sign’s message? :wink:
We’re always tough on ourselves when we make things, need to remember this phrase!


This is a great sign! Well done!

This is lovely! I think your version came out even better than the original.

Since our forum rules ask customers not to post manual settings outside the Beyond the Manual section of the forum, I’ve moved this there. If you’d like it moved back, just remove the settings and let me know.


Thanks Dan! I’ll remember that for next time.

This is the exact sign I got and can’t figure out the settings. Ugh. Thank you for sharing!

Looks good, like what they sell in store.