Hold downs for warped wood

I got some plywood at the local Menards store and cut them into 12X20 inch pieces. Some of them are fine but some of them are really warped! Here’s the solution I came up with.

I bought some small wall anchors, screws, and washers. I tapped them into the corner holes, put the wood down, then gently screwed the screws in to hold the wood down. They work great! I just leave them in but they can easily be moved to hold down any size of wood. Here’s a couple photos to show what I’m talking about.


Interesting but have you seen these


Yep, I actually have a bunch of them printed and they work well. However, I’ve had wood warped to the point that it pops those hold-down pins right out of the honey comb!


That is when I use more pins mostly or from a bit thicker wood that the pins are tighter

As long as it doesn’t damage the crumb tray in any way, it looks like a great solution!

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slick. seems like it could work better for thicker materials than the honeycomb holdown pins do, because of the lower profile.

Magnets are your friend here too. I cut a lot of non-proof grade plywood and while I’ve used a TON of the bed hold down pins (I owe that forger a BEER!) I’ve also found rare earth magnets are a necessity when doing a full sheet because you can’t use the pins in the middle and as it cuts it will tend to warp up with the cut.

I forget the post, but some awesome forger here put out a 3D printed magnet holder - I had my son print off a set of 6 of those and got the magnets for it - works AWESOME!


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