Hold your horses



Awesome! And I love the tape demo and Illustrator instructions. Makes it very easy to see how it was done. :relaxed::squee:


great write up. I especially like the little pasta measuring holders. I had some little pot-lid holders on my to-do, think I’ll look at adding something like this too.


Great job , really impressed, I IS LURNIN ! I IS LURNIN !


Love it! Thanks for sharing the BTS!!!


Wonderful work and documentation. Illustrator does a good job with the trace to vector. I’ve been trying with Inkscape but I still don’t have all the tweaks needed to make it work the way I’d like. Next skill to master.




Nice job! Really dig the engravings! :slight_smile:


Nice Dala Horse. That is the name of this uniquely shaped horse.

My grandmother was born in the province of Dalarna Sweden where these horses were originally created.


Love love love this!!


WOW!!! Very nice job indeed! I’ve been having a blast using the Adobe Capture app to get vector graphics from images to keep building my graphics library. I do have a ton of vector graphics for horse silhouettes and other horsey type graphics because I mainly cater to the equestrian market with my design business. I am hoping to use ideas like this to help build my laser business in that market as well. Equestrians go CRAZY for anything that has horses, is horses or is anything TO DO with horses!!!


Beautiful design on the horse. You make it all look so easy. :relaxed: