Holiday baking aid

A few years back I got some aluminum clippy pieces that hook onto the edge of a sheet pan to hold a second pan above them. Because who makes just one pan of cookies?

But they were too tall for the plastic storage box on the top of the fridge that we use for letting rolls rise – the upper sheet pan was right up against the top of the box. I had plans to cut them down and bolt back together, to 3D print a version blah blah, but I never got to it.

So instead I did a trace and took a picture (how nice would it be to be able to trace in the GFUI and then download) and then messed with the length and width in Inkscape (while keeping the angles of the pan-touching bits the same). And a spacer because one of these in 1/8"BB would fall right over. I think it came out pretty well.

I think I’ve also figured out a quick-and-dirty method for making finger joints: make some boxes the right size for the cutouts and align them where they need to go. Then make a couple copies and align them outside a proper-sized rectangle with the edges overlapping exactly. Last step is a union to make it all one path. Not good if you need super precision, but many things don’t.


I think they came out very well! :slightly_smiling_face:

Cool! But I think I need to see it in operation to understand exactly how it works.

I love practical, problem-solving projects. It can’t all be gallery art!


At least a banana for scale :wink:

And with a little work, these would make great, abstract jumping reindeer ornaments… Just add a bit more of a “head” to the top-left bit.

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Oh - and I love practical problem solving with new-fangled tools. Thanks for sharing @paulw!

Sorry - I had to do it, if just to exorcise the idea from my brain. This is the reindeer I saw in your cookie sheet riser:

And the SVG (note the red lines are meant to be scores, while the black is the cut): (3.1 KB)




Tis The Season… Not judging.

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I’d love to see how this works - i’ve never heard of a tool like this. Does it bake well? Do you bake with it?

At last the sheet pans and I were free about the same time:


@cynd11 Hope that explains it. Then the bottom of a big flat plastic storage container goes over the top while the goodies rise.

@gwygonik still no bananas, I’m afraid :neutral_face:


Excellent! I guess you could customize your foot shape to the edge of your pan.

Yep, and maybe thicken a few more parts. I was working entirely off the pieces we already have, which fit a generic sheet (half-sheet?) pan.

Damn! Are those homemade crescents? :drooling_face:


I really had to laugh at this. I can’t guess how many times someone shows something they made and if it’s food related, the focus goes from the thing made, directly to the food. I never even noticed the crescent rolls down there in the dark until you mentioned it. Priorities…just priorities, eh? :grinning:


Could also be that I had skipped breakfast… :rofl:

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I thought “what needs that much room to rise?” then looked below the pan and was like “Dang! Crescent rolls!!” :smile:

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Yep. Because this was for a group I don’t know that well, I had to do the version without the bacon grease.