Holiday fun with BATMAN?

First off let me say Happy Memorial Day!

Thought I would give you guys something fun to play with this holiday, Please be responsible and throw these at FOAM TARGETS ONLY!!!

Be BATMAN and throw some BAT-A-RANGS!!!

Here is the file: bat%20rang
You can delete my logo from there and change how you want, the middle blue line is a score line so you know where to sand and paint silver.

Step one: Pick your type of wood, I used 1/4" Oak from my local lumber yard. Then paint it black with spray paint like this.

Let it dry…

Mask it…

Run file and pop it out, pull off lower masking and leave top masking on and round edge with sander like so…

Spray paint the edge you just sanded silver with a splash of black, let dry and then remove top masking…

Enjoy your work and throw at FOAM TARGETS ONLY PLEASE!!

Here is the link to it being thrown at a FOAM TARGET!!! lol hope I stressed that enough.


What did that poor piece of foam ever do to you? :smile:


I have been looking for that type of masking for a while … would you care to share where you can buy this ? (I know I seen it on tested a while ago, but can’t seem to find it back.)

Wow, it throws like a knife!


It’s called transferrite from

Thanks! Looks like fun.

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No problem be safe let me know how it goes.

I saw that on FB the other day and was wondering how you did it in steel. Now I know. Looks good.