Holiday Laser Project Ideas?

Want to wish everyone in the Community and the GF staff a Happy Thanksgiving. This U.S. holiday got me thinking about all of the possibilities for Laser made holiday specific objects. Would enjoy seeing your ideas (St. Patricks, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, Veterans and all of the more international holidays). One of the ideas I have been playing with is decorating our mailbox with special themes for each holiday. (Our home is too rural to see from the road.) The laser will add considerable flexibility for making a removable, repurposable frame to fit over the small rural box. No design yet, but thinking.


My wishes back to you and everyone else out there, too…have a great Thanksgiving, everyone!

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Happy Thanksgiving to all. And in the spirit of good practice, Merry Christmas (What I mean is… you really need to start thinking one holiday ahead. Otherwise you will typically find yourself looking up projects for holiday creations a little bit too late to actually do anything. Especially with Christmas for sending gifts, or Halloween for making costume/decorations)


Exactly - there’s a reason craft stores sell Christmas stuff in July. :smiley:

Next year will be a very ''laser cut christmas," for sure.


My family got tired of me saying, “I can 'forge that.” Happy Thanksgiving and I am grateful for a new community of Glowforgers. Laser cut name tags of course and custom paper bands laser cut around the napkins. Wine glass trinkets and a custom engraved cutting board. So if I get the Forge by Christmas and win the beta lottery, I will probably not sleep for days. A very laser Christmas. New Years? Laser calendars.

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We have a baby due in Feb - I want a very laser nursery! :wink:

Make a mobile above the crib.

Yup. My wife has a Pinterest page of nursery/laser ideas for me. Lots I can do with my CNC, but I’d rather GF it! :wink:

Seriously? Zot Hanukkah and we have had no mention of dreidels and menorahs? Happy Hanukka!

Chag Chanukah sameach!