Hollowback Plaque Frames

I was looking at a wholesale site (I so have to get my business license back…) and noticed they sell the hollowback plaques. I’m surprised I haven’t seen or heard more about this type of photo frame for laser users. Basically you have a plaque shaped piece of nice wood (say 1/2 thick maybe) and the back is routered out leaving the sides maybe 1/2 wide and the bottom about 1/8 thick. So think box/tray with wide sides. you can put a keyhole hanger hold in the middle of one of the sides. Then you’d have the glass that fits into the opening and then the back of the frame - some sort of easel back like frames use. Now to make it a frame you turn it right side up into your laser where you cut out your frame (that is thru the 1/8 portion) . You can do fancy palm tree off the side, or words like Love, Family, Dates, etc, any fancy opening. So what you lasered drops out of course, you put the glass in the back, then the picture then the back piece.
Now the advantage or at least difference of the frame like this, you don’t have the outer edges of the frame with the black lasered look. These pics are from the website http://www.coloradoheirloom.com/ that show what I’m referring to.

So the sides and corners look much nicer than just straight edged black from the laser cut,. So anyone with a CNC or a router (and their laser) could create this type of frame easily.
Just thought it was a different idea for a nice looking personalized frame…


That’s going on the to do list. I personally like simple frames that let the photography/artwork speak for itself. But I’m sure there’s a market for frames like this at the “buy local” shops that I sell at or for custom orders. Thanks for the share!


Yeah, I need to rework a couple frames as well! :relaxed:

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Had to think about this from the web site. So they do the customization when you order. This would be easy to make with a CNC carver, but harder to make with a GF. It would take a couple of 1/4" layers glued together. The rest of the work of finishing would be the same as other methods. - Rich

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right - you could layer with just the GF, but that would give the black edges on the outside unless sanded - the site sells the blanks (but wholesale only I believe). A router should also work to make your own (not necessarily a CNC required)

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If I were making these I would really want to do them built-up. Because routing out all that material is a waste and a pain. (Hmm, in the smaller sizes you could resaw and glue back together.


Neat idea and happy cake day.

Now I want a business licenses to buy wholesale.

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Hey, real nice! Thanks!

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These look great! Excited to spruce up a bunch of the frames around the house. Thanks for sharing!