Holy Wood Grain Batman! We look awesome!

Another comic cover, my other ones and the prints to them can also be seen on my page: fb.me/freshstartcustoms if you haven’t seen them in the other post on the forums.

The hardest part about this one was going through and manually changing each shade of black on batman with his cape and the suit color. But it turned out great.


Wow! Do you have Instagram? Your work would be so appreciated. You’d get one follower (me) :grin:


I do not have an Instagram, have never really looked into it that much but I might create one in the future, if I do I’ll let you know. Feel free to follow my Facebook page in the meantime: fb.me/freshstartcustoms

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Very nice! I reckon you’ve got enough of them for a gallery.

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I stopped at 3 for now, want to mix it up a bit.

Who doesn’t love Batman and Robin?

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Joker, Riddler, Mr Freeze, Poison Ivy, Cat Woman, Two Face, Bane, Professor Strange, Deadshot, Penguin… So many exceptional people have a problem with him. You have to wonder whether Batman is all that likable.


Well you have me there! Ha! Ha!

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