Homage to a Lace Cookie

I followed a link down a rabbit hole about a Ukrainian lady who bakes and decorates cookies. Her designs are lovely and she makes it look sooooooo easy! It’s clear to me though, that she practices and practices in order to acquire that skill. You don’t just pick up a bag of icing and make lace the first time.

Here is the cookie in question:
Screen Shot 2022-05-09 at 8.05.33 PM
video of the making here

And the output here (no icing yet):

A far cry from the original; mine took a lot longer to make, but it was just as satisfying as watching one made.

Here’s the design I made using my ancient skills:
Ukrainian lace leaf2.pdf (478.3 KB)
(click on the link to upload the file)

The design can be scaled up or down. It will only engrave; I used the border tool in the GFUI to make a cut line. For this test piece, I used PG draftboard.


Good grief! I watched the entire video. She is indeed wonderful at her craft. It was SO relaxing watching it I nearly fell asleep.


I see you’ve become another fan of Nadia. I love her work. Your “cookie” is a fitting tribute. Now just fill those engravings with icing, and you’re set!


That design looks very reminiscent of traditional henna line work - that’s also soothing to watch and super impressive. No shaky hands for that precision detail!


Thanks for sharing the video and the design!


I’m thinking I need to explore this rabbit hole.


Our family travels to the Balkins often and the intricacy of their cookies are amazing! Great job at replicating it, turned out beautiful. Now you have me wanting to travel ASAP to get some pastries!


How can anyone bear to eat these cookies? They are works of art. Great tasting, I’m sure.


that leaves me out!
My friend sent me this - Julia Usher- I cannot imagine eating something that exquisite!


Happy Anniversary to you! (:cake:)

At first I was horrified at the thought of people eating such lovely things, but then I remembered that bakers have been making beautiful edibles for centuries. The techniques have been adapted by various cultures to meet their own aesthetics. It’s probably considered an honor to receive such a cookie as a gift; and if you don’t eat it, it’s considered to be in poor taste.

(I’ll see myself out…)


This is a lovely tribute to her work. I’m looking forward to watching some of her videos.


Oh no! We’ll never see you again!

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IK, she’s awesome!

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