Home Depot 1/4" MDF cut settings

Has anyone tried to cut this?! I have tried thick draftboard and it just looks like it scored it. I’m new so I need a lot of help!! Anyone have any success cutting this?

First search this forum and then ask if you are still confused grasshopper! :sunglasses:



1/4" MDF can be horrible to cut due to how dense it is. Similar thickness MDF-cored plywood usually cuts much better, as the core used in plywood is often not as dense.


Also be cautious as the glues/additives used in products may release some nasty stuff when it’s laser cut or etch, unless it’s a material designed for it (fortunately more and more laser grade material is becoming available thru many sources, not just GF shop).

But as many have done, find a PF option closest to the material you are trying, and then test & test & test to get the result you are happy with. But also do search within the forum, since rarely has any material not been tried/discussed already… (there are also some great ideas for how to set up testing grids, too).

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Do a search for cutting 1/4” MDF . Some one put the settings they used. I tried them and they worked great.

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