Home Depot 1/8 Eucalyptus hardboard and reversing image file in app

I have researched for hours and the solution is easy or it is not possible.

I use this wood very frequently and love it. I have to cut the pattern twice if I want a reverse image of the file I am cutting.

Is there a way to flip an image while I am in the GF app?

Here are a couple of pictures. The wood pieces on the yellow paper are the same. The white side is considered the right side of the wood


Flip as in invert? If you select a corner and drag diagonally it should flip upside down but not invert. I think you have to do that in your artwork.


I uploaded the wrong pic. Now my personal info is all over in internet. How do I remove this posting.

Try hitting the edit button and then deleting the stuff you want removed, then save edit.


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Kidding. What @dklgood said!


At the bottom of your original message, just above where the comments start, you’ll see a little pencil-icon. Hit that to edit your post, and you can delete the imported images. Then you can add the right ones whereever you want, no problem.


ROTFLMAO!!! I really needed that laugh. You can call anytime I love to meet and talk with people.


Thank you so very much for the instructions.

I used an iPad for the posting and it is so pressure sensitive. When I was uploading the pictures my Westie ”Jimmy Wayne Westie” was loudly barking and acting like a heathen and was trying to quickly upload the post so I could diffuse the situation between him and our Dachshund.


Did you get the answer to your “flip” question?

You can not reverse an image or object in the UI. You can rotate it, resize it, and if you resize down thru ‘0’ and keep going, you essentially just rotated 180º.

If, for example, you want to reverse-engrave text or a design to go on the back side of clear acrylic, that has to be done in your design software.

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When you flip the image in your design software, upload both, and set the “wrong” one to ignore - so you don’t have to go back to the upload when you want to use the other one.


Thank you for always taking YOUR time to help me. You truly are appreciated by me!!

VERY GREAT TIP!!! I really love the way this community is always so helpful. Thank you

Have you tried flipping it in photoshop?

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Affinity Designer is my choice in software. Thank you. I will try flipping it.

Hi there! I’m a newbie, what settings are you using for this white board? I’m needing more wood, and of course, the PG stuff is sold out. Need an affordable, safe alternative!

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I haven’t seen that at my local HD in months.

Make sure this product is completely flat. Use good quality masking tape along the edges and honeycomb pins. This material is very finicky. Sometimes the laser only cuts part of the project and I have to finish it up with a scroll saw.

My settings are manual.

130 speed
Full power
.17 height

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There were no premium tools in January when this question was asked.