Home Depot chalkboard

I wanted to pick up some melamine and got chalkboard instead. They didn’t have melamine in stock and I got this by mistake. I don’t know anything about the composition but found out that’s it’s a bear to cut. The surface easily engraves away.

I’ll post some settings as I get better results but here’s the first project.

I’ll post some settings when I have a better handle on it.

I rubbed some black and red acrylic paint into the engraves and wiped it off. The paint comes off the white surface nicely but it was difficult to keep for removing it from the engraves. I tried yellow in the triangle but couldn’t keep in in place. Next run I’ll use some masking that just got delivered today and it should be much easier to paint.

Overall it is a promising material.


Interesting! Hadn’t thought of melamine. (Or chalkboard).

Made a second sign using masking. I had to run it twice because the etch settings I originally used only turned the paper masking into a gummy mess.

On the plus side the mask made it easier to paint. The red doesn’t show up too well in this photo.


Heh. Gingerbread peep photobomb.


Yeah, I think that one needs to go in the Peep Show. :wink:


You can see that one of them disregarded the safety precautions and lost part of her foot as a result. :open_mouth:


Hi There!!! I LOVE the results of this! I have been combing the forum for engrave settings for chalk boards! I’m redecorating my kitchen and I wanted to make a custom menu board! I’d really love any advice you are willing to share. Setting tips would be swell! Also, Did you have to paint the engraves on the black portion too? Thanks in advance!