Home Depot - Laser Safe Materials?

I just picked up a 4x8 sheet of revolution Ply from Lowes for $15 https://www.lowes.com/pd/RevolutionPly-5mm-Poplar-Plywood-Application-as-4-x-8/50121135

They cut it down into 16 sheets of 12x20 in and 4 sheets of 12x16 in, no charge.

That means it cost me around 75 cents per cut sheet.

I’ve just done a few cuts and they work fantastic! (used the default Medium Draftboard settings)


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Thank you Very much :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tip and welcome!

I use it a lot and the birch from Home Depot. The Columbia plywood has also worked well for me.

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Would you mind terribly putting a link to HD website with the birch? want to be sure I’m getting the exact same thing.


I will track down a barcode for you. If I can’t find one here real quick, I will get one for you tomorrow.

I have several different stacks with different barcodes, some of which don’t point to HD or Lowe’s, so I either bought them online or from a local supplier (OP Hardwoods, Springfield Missouri)

I use both of these quite often, but like any plywood there can be voids or glue pockets that will not laser well. I rarely have an issue and most of the time when I do it can be finished with an X-acto knife.

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I was referring to the wood cut down ready for GF consumption that is ordered online from HD, not the full 4X8 sheet shown above.

Thank you so much for the links!!

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Since 95/5 = 19 I cut the 8’ length to 5 pieces and since I have a pro I get them just like that to cut whatever part of that I need which is far more efficient. Cutting the rest at 12" gives you 20 sheets at 12 x 19 or 15 @ 10x19 and 10 @ 9x19 making 25 sheets total at 60 cents a sheet, a price hard to beat.

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