Home Depot - Laser Safe Materials?

To date, I only purchased material specifically designed for laser cutters or found a MSDS showing the material is safe. I decided I’m ready to start experimenting with Home Depot material and learn to finish them myself.

,I’m at a loss of knowing if Home Depot material is safe.

Any plywood or hard board safe? What is hard board? People really like Columbia Forest, this a good brand?

I see alot of people are using white marker boards, how does one know which is laser safe? I see these and thinking of trying one of them

White Colour



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Safe is different than laserproof. The HD birch ply I bought was mostly fine except perhaps 60% where they used filler, even one place they had just cleaned the brush, created a later that any laser would have great trouble making it through,

Columbia Forest and Revolution have very little filler and that makes them desirable. Oak is just a step away worse but is much stronger.

Personally I would avoid the weirder stuff made of particles as at the very least they are extremely dirty to cut.


From Lowes or THD, you can get MDF, hardboard, B&W board, and Lauan underlayment ply. The first three are pretty consistent and Lauan is “OK” with occasional difficult spots but better than any other type of thin ply they sell.

You can also order the Purebond ply in GF-sized sheet 10-packs from THD, it’s fairly good quality.

Look to see if you have a local woodworking store like Woodcraft or Rockler. That’s where I get Baltic Birch. You can get it cheaper at “real” building supply locations like Rugby, but for as little as I use it’s not work me making the trek to buy it there. Rockler is <10m from my house.

Barring that, you can get materials online, often with free delivery.


Thank you! I’m in Canada so there isn’t as many online sources that doesnt charge an arm and leg. When the borders open, that’s when I’ll start buying American again as I can pick up there. Definate will research your recommendations!

I’ll see if they have small sheets of any you suggested from Lowes and Home Depot! Love to try them!

All, I forgot about the filler, I’ll try these brands first. They don’t have Glowforge sizes yet up here (Canada) but it may happen one day. I am interested in the white board. I see alot of people using it on Facebook, but the concern is it really safe to use. Haven’t found the MSDS yet but with so many choices just want to start with one and just research that one


Revolution Ply is far from a favorite look but at half or less the price of anything else and few filler issues makes it very attractive,

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I got this in my cart, still searching for a better deal.


I have had good luck with the 1×6× 1/4 ( actually 6.15 mm thick) poplar using the PG settings for thick basswood plywood. The poplar cuts, scores, and engraves very nicely. You must be careful when you select the pieces to get boards with uniform color and minimal cupping.

Home Depot actually has some Glowforge sized material on their website. 1/4 inch panels cut to 12 in x19 in and in a 10 pack. The description says for Glowforge to boot.

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Huh. Indeed they do! Took me a while to find. Columbia Forest Products Project Panels. May have to order a pack and check it out.


Yes, I used them and so far very good material to work with. But they do not have 1/8 material as of yet.

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I have used them and found them to be much better than your basic big box plywoods.

No. They do show some 1/8" “Glow Forge” sized sheets. I think there were 3 listed but only 2 of the three was GF sized.

Ah, maybe it is regional. The only one that I see in 1/8 is project panel 4ft x 4ft


It is 5/32", so not exactly 1/8" but close. I previously had it delivered to your same city before I moved.


Maybe this will show up.


I was looking for something I could prototype for proofgrade projects without using up any proofgrade. The GF store is empty. I have some of the 5/32 and two boxes of the 1/4.

This one might help @cindyhodesigns


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Thanks so much! I was trying hard to try and keep to 1/8 thick as most of my projects are based on 1/8 thick material but I might have to relent to 1/4 since it seems more common.

When I run our of my latest batch of certified laser safe materials, I will try these

This could be cheaper …



Try Windsor Plywood, a few locations around your area. And KJP Select Hardwoods here in Ottawa will now ship across Canada.