Home made infrared pinhole camera

An amazing documentation of one way to see infrared. It has many pertinent features for laser lovers regarding optics, electronics, x/y tracking and even a reference to Chinese CO2 laser lenses.


Interesting stuff. I particularly liked seeing what a ZnSe lens looks like.


That was a great read.


That was, productivity died for a whole five minutes lol :slight_smile:


So cool! I’ve been enthralled with long-wave IR photography since I first got my hands on a FLIR. Being able to see the unseeable is such a fascinating prospect.

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I used to do IR scans before the economic downturn. Did preventive maintenance for electrical connections and found blockages in coke plant gas and hot tar lines. Was working on level 2 certification but stopped once worked slowed. Extremely fun job and always something new to do. Still work for the same company but work in house now instead of traveling to customers and doing field work.


That really is exciting! How we have devised instruments to extend our senses. IR opened a new age in astronomy. Now we “see” from radio into the xray.
It was William Herschel, the first guy to discover another planet since antiquity (which made him a rock star of the day) playing around with a prism and a thermometer - who noticed a temperature increase just below the red end, infrared … proving light energy extended beyond what we could see.

First color IR images I have seen, everything has been sort of a “black an white”.
Very cool post @marmak3261!

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