Home of the San Francisco 49ers... Levi's Stadium!

Another requested model completed, this time around it’s Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California.

As per my usual, the model is designed for Medium Proofgrade Maple Plywood. The finished tower is 9 layers high and the assembled model stands 33mm tall on a 152mm square base.

I hope you like it. :slight_smile:

If you’re interested in purchasing the file, feel free to message me.


Looks great, how do you have the top angled? Just glue?

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This is great! My son loved the Arrowhead stadium i gave him for Christmas you designed:-)

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You didn’t add any fans in the stadium because of Covid right? That’s very responsible of you.

But honestly, that’s really cool!


Light sanding of the leading edge, then glue everything in place and to each of the adjacent pieces.

Looks like you knocked it out of the park again.

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Seems like Levi’s stadium should involve some denim? :wink:

Heh - I saw a hockey game there :smiley:

As a FAITHFUL and one who has enjoyed watching games here from the Gold Mine, this is most excellent!!! I totally need this file, GO NINERS!

FYI, it’s against forum rules to ask for files. If they want to post it then they will (or a link to where you can buy it).

Thank you for the reminder, I wasn’t asking for the file just saying how I totally needed it (as in want, desire, etc.). There’s a slight difference but I wasn’t trying to bend or break any forum rules. Thanks again!