Home Sweet Home

In the before times, in the long, long ago (pre-baby), my sister threw us a baby shower. She used tree rounds as center pieces.
So, obviously, I took them all in anticipation of my Glowforge. I planned on making her something with one of them.

Fast Forward to the present. My sister bought a house. So, I go get the tree rounds and start experimenting.
I decided on making here a “Home Sweet Home” sign with an engraving of her dog on it.

I tested out a few different settings. I liked the light dithering the best.

And, here we have it!


I was originally going to just have her head in the image. But, my wife and my sister both told me, independently, that it would look too much like Falcor. So, went with the full body instead of just a head shot.


Very thoughtful of you! It turned out great!