HomePod Doily

Inspired by the design on the top of the box it came in:

I used the following SVG and chose “cut” rather than “engrave”:



Very cool! :grinning:

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It came out great!

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While it’s a bummer that the homepod needs a doily, this came out beautifully. Great work!

Thanks for svg. I will use it.

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Just connected the dots! Thought it’s a bit weird to make a doily for something in 2018, even though it’s a super sweet design, but then remembered the whole marking wood kerfuffle. Genius idea! :brain:

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Very nice design great for trivit or coaster as well! Would be neet as a stencil also put over a store bought pie and dust cinnamon sugar through the holes!

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Or heat slumped over a bowl form and turned into a bowl (if cut out of acrylic).

I was doing that for a bunch of old grandma doilies - that used to be a skill required of young women a hundred years ago. Scanned on a flatbed scanner and traced in Corel before hitting the laser.


An old girlfriend’s grandma was just such. Sent over from Russia just as the Revolution was happening at 15, she never was able to contact the family that was supposed to receive her, from then till she retired she made that lace by hand and still put the daughter through college.