Homeschool Glowforge Course?

Is this a thing? Does anyone offer one?
My daughter is 11, loves tech, and is homeschooled.
My Glowforge is a year and a half old and barely used.

What I would love is for someone to walk her through the basics of using it as well as how to make simple items. I have learned, not used, and forgotten so many times I’d also love if notes came with it.

I bought the Glowforge with the idea that I would make little personalized items as promo for my business. We made a few items for that (loved them) then made a few items for my oldest child’s wedding. . .then the Glowforge went back to doing nothing.

Do you know of a course or know someone who would like to do a little Glowforge tutoring?
you can contact me at

Thank you in advance.


@ruthcardello I don’t know of a course, but last year Glowforge was nice enough to create projects for kids and send them out.

My kids are homeschooled and I’ll walk them through basics, but they learned a lot taking youth classes at our local makerspace. If you ever want to collaborate on a basic kids class, I’d be willing to help. I can put something together project-based.

Also, this is a public forum. If you’re not okay having your email open to the public, I’d suggest editing to remove it. Users can private message you. This will help prevent a potential spammer having your info.


If you have her go through the “Your First Prints,” in the Glowforge app, it will definitely give her a lot of the basics. I had used my Glowforge for over a month before I finally decided to actually go through all the steps. She may need a little help, but it’s worth it to see how much she can understand herself, especially if she’s as good with computers as most kids are nowadays. Just my thoughts.


@glenn teaches courses. I know the last one is passed, but I believe he does them quasi-regularly!


Focused on letterpress, but I think there is a great market opening for remote laser-cutting classes for kids with supervision! My now 14 y.o. and I have worked together on some things over the years (and then we co-purchased a 3D printer earlier this year to add to the variety). We even went to a kids-oriented makerspace course when they were single digits! (They got to assemble a dinosaur.)


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