Homestuck cosplay mask


Just finished one of the more complex pieces of a cosplay for this years Sakura Con. It is almost all made on the Glowforge out of leather and acrylic. I am glad it see it came out so nicely despite a few errors on my part.


Neato! :grinning:


Minion? (Probably showing my ignorance here; I didn’t see the movie).


Horuss will be proud.


Not a movie. Much much worse. Don’t even google, you might become one of them. :wink:


There is truth in this statement.


Egad and little fishes…As a 50 y/o male I was sucked into this realm by a 12 y/o daughter who insisted I make polymer clay figurines and cosplay costumes **and ** attend comic-con venues in service to this obsession. Naturally, I had to “look into” this nonsense. Result? I wholeheartedly approve. These things were not possible when I was a teen and the creativity involved is infectious. (P.S. Horuss would be my choice too).


I would probably pick Kurloz if I had to. :slight_smile: