Honda Accord LED Keychain

I hang around alot of car lovers


Man I loved my old (1998) accord wagon. Was sad when it finally died after 230k miles.


Love how you lit this!


Did you make the LED “base” too? I could use one of those for a different kind of project…

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I didn’t make it, but I might selling these as a kit supply item if there’s enough interest.

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Oh, super cute take on the edge lit badge. Love it!


It looks like this product, I have not ordered from this company, so unfortunately I can’t say if it is reliable. Maybe @cindyhodesigns would be willing to confirm or share her source.

I also ran across similar but non-rechargeable ones, but they list runtime as only 2.5-4 hrs, while these rechargeables list 4-6hrs.


There is also this one from the same company

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Yeah, but non-rechargeable batteries…

  1. What is the battery life?
  • Normally it lasts for 20~30 minutes continuously. It is advised to use several minutes every time, turn turn it off and take out the batteries. In this way, the battery life is much longer.