Honest Glowforge Reviewed

I am just letting you know that a standard error these printers have is the LED Circuit board going out in the back of the Glowforge.

I reached out to Glowforge customer service and the only fix to my $7,155.23 printer is another fee of $1651 plus any applicable tax. The only option is to pay for a refurbished version on my originally new Glowforge Pro.

I am on multiple forums where other customers have had this part shipped to them for a whopping $22 but for some reason this option is only if you seem to contest their company’s core value which is unfortunate. If I would have known I would have to replace a whole printer 3 years later, I would have put my investment in another printer. I was a big glowforge positive reviewer until I realized I would become a victim to these prices. The company seems to have no remorse for part replacements for their customers. I was in line to purchase my second glowforge pro but this news definitely changed my view on this company and their overall customer service to their customers. Not only do I have no operational laser printer, I have to shutdown my business and take a $7.5k loss or be forced to pay $2k more for a refurbished version on my glowforge.

This average total of a machine I bought in 2021, will be $8,806 + .

Please review what I have said before going down this slope at the 3/4 year mark of this printer.

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I appreciate that you’re in a frustrating situation. As you probably know there’s not much that posting here will actually accomplish since Glowforge staff doesn’t officially participate the forum.

As for you options, you’re right, refurb is often the only official solution. There are people who sell parts to glowforges outside of the official channels, did you look into that?

If not let me know and I can send you some contact info for a reseller.


What your issue is is not unusual. It usually occurs when moisture slides down that black cable and shorts out that board. Usually, that is because folk are using some sort of spray cleaner, but just excess moisture condensing can do the same thing.

Your 7+K machine will have many potential problems plus the chip that needs repair. In this case, the “refurbished” machine is one like yours that needed repair but has been thoroughly repaired and tested. You could send yours for repair, and wait several months till they got to it and pay for the actual repair and shipping both ways. Chances are very good the cost would exceed $1651. Instead, you can purchase a like new pro for a $6,000 discount :slightly_smiling_face:

I have had one new and two refurbished pros and had to pay for the last one while the first was under warranty. I could have paid for a similar machine for over $10,000 or a new/refurbished machine with no surprises for a bit over $1K. For me, at that point, the choice was pretty obvious.


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