Honeycomb bed holdown pins

Thanks, these will come in handy : )

That’s the one! Thanks!

yes I have found that tool changing the angle and presto the pin works.

Did you share the file for these? TIA!!!

He posts them to his own website (there’s a trail of breadcrumbs if you read through his posts, but it’s: www.designsbyphil.com)

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sooo late to the party here but I just printed a set and WOW!
for months I’ve been like… naaaaah I don’t need them, but I have this horribly warped acrylic I’ve been wanting to use and figured I’d give this a shot. I can’t believe how well they work.
THANK YOU for these a million times over!


Thank you for sharing, these are so helpful!

Love that holder!!

when cut this file, they came out a little too big. I’m not sure the exact size they should be. Can you help?


The honeycomb trays are not all the same, so you may have to adjust the pins file slightly. Here is the size mine are:

Thanks for getting back to me! And for the file.

Thanks so much for these! They are very helpful. Not just for holding down materials but for positioning the materials straight on the bed.

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Thank you so much!

I have had my glowforge for about a week and use these pins often. Thank you.


Welcome to the forum.
You are off to a good start as a new owner by joining the forum and utilizing the free file. I look forward to seeing what you make with your Glowforge.