Honeycomb bed holdown pins


Finicky and weird, but, luckily, entirely predictable.

Thanks so much for the design. Printed a bunch today and already putting them to good use.


I’ve never had a problem uploading SVGs, but a lot of people do. :woman_shrugging:


Discourse strips out the style information on unzipped SVGs - it’s just a security measure. Zipping is the only way around it for certain-sure. :slightly_smiling_face:


I guess it works for me because I have no style. :wink:



Thanks so much…I think I’ve got it now.


Thanks for the (original) file! I was too excited and didn’t see the new edits. But thankfully, the pins worked perfectly for a cardstock paper cut!
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Thank You! These are wonderful! :heartpulse:


I cant figure out how to use this zip file? I’m really not tech savvy, my husband is but hes out of town. I’ve only saved and used the .svg files and they go straight into Inkscape with no problem. Do you know how i can get this file into Inkscape? Thanks


I am on a Mac. After downloading the zip file, I double click the zip file and it opens. Then I use Inkscape to open the svg file.


On Windows, right click on the Zip file and choose Extract All. It will open in a new folder.


It was a bit different than that but they look way too big, can you tell me the measurements of these little guys so I can be sure. Thanks!


They should be 0.848" wide by 1.007" tall.

I never looked at the dimensions before. Now my OCD tendencies are making me want to shorten them by .007" :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


And widen them by 0.002 at least? Or does 0.848 not bug you? :no_mouth:

Also, shouldn’t the keft shorten them by about 0.007", so the final product is exactly 1" tall?


Nah, 0.848 is nice and symmetrical; I can handle that. :wink:

And I don’t have to type the final size. I don’t even have to measure it. :slight_smile: