Honeycomb bed holdown pins


Thanks Phil!!


publishing now. give it a few minutes.


Nice. I’ll give the v1.1 a try. Great idea on the plywood for strength. Thanks


I’m still using broken ones, even. I wanted to secure a small canvas panel without overlapping the edges (it would be engraved all over), found the right holes to allow a couple of broken-off pins to secure the material…


I had to adjust the size a bit for my bed, but here’s a new version from Phil’s redesign with the center cut as a separate color. I found that my :glowforge: was cutting the outer line first and the center wasn’t always clean. Separate colors let me re-order the cuts.

Honeycomb Bed Pin.zip (947 Bytes)


I do the same thing!



I have more of these than I’ll ever use but I like this iteration and may well make a cup or two of these.


We’ll just change that ol’ neighborly thing from ‘may I borrow a cup of sugar’ to this…:smile:


I’ve been exclusively using magnets, but I’ve got to give these a try.


If you made the inner cuts black and the outer cuts red, the GFUI would automatically order them the way you want.



Because Discourse likes to strip out some of the accompanying code.

With Illustrator, if you select Presentation Attributes when you save the SVG, it should display properly here.


What’s funny is that it seems to look correct on mobile, but not in a PC browser.

If you haven’t already read through it, take a look at this thread:



I guess I was responding to the images prior to your update. The link I posted wasn’t for that issue though, it was to explain the ordering of operations based on the line/fill colors. That will explain why black cuts before red.



I really wanted to make some of this new version, but this is what I get in the GFUI;

no option for ordering cuts…they’re all engrave.

What am I missing here, please?


You will need to bring the file into AD and remove the fill. (Discourse added it in there - it wasn’t zipped.)