Hook hangers

Made a hook hangers design.
Made three versions:
3 hooks for hats spacing
4 hooks for mask spacing
5 hooks for keys spacing

I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. I even tested it with light weight coats too and seems to hold it but I’m not going to recommend that as someone may pull the coat off hard and crack a hook so I’m saying made for hats, mask, and keys only just in case lol.

Went with the hybrid walnut and green glass acrylic again too.


Extremely nice and practical.


Good job


How about making the hooks a bit more “beefy” and less likely to catch?

I guess you could create hook sets too.


Looks great blends well with the wall…

Change the hooks to acrylic and I bet the hooks would hold the coats

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Very nice!

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I think they are beefy enough but being 1/8 hooks is where the concern is. If made from 1/4 I think it would be fine, most of the issue is from if someone grabs in a hurry and cracked it sideways.

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