for some time now I have wanted more places to put things where I know where they are and there are many places to hang a free-floating (not nailed or glued down) hook. This morning I sat down and made two and scaled them up and down to fit some of the excess scrap that is piling up.

Not a difficult project but one that it has taken me months to get to the point of doing it.

hook hook2

Ampersand earring/jewelry holder
Practical cuts

Ooh. I’ve been meaning to get around to designing some pegboard hooks, but these should come in handy in the meantime!


Those look like they would be a great use of leftover corner material. :sunglasses::+1:


Look great.
In a pinch, you can also apply to an open chips bag.


That is what I did as the scrap was piling up. As I have a lot of that black Home Depot plastic shelving it also hangs on that . Two small ones are a great place for the calipers to live as it sits out that way, you can find them at a glance and nothing gets laid on top of them.


Excellent! Thanks for the design.


Great idea, thank you for sharing your design.


Somewhere here (I can’t find the post) someone had put up long horizontal strips of wood offset from the wall that made a nice pattern on the wall and you could hang anything anywhere hooking it over the ledge of any strip of wood.
I have not found a proper place to do that here but it has been on my mind ever since and certainly instead of pegboard.


Ooh, that sounds promising. I’ll have to do some hunting!


you probably want this thread to start:


Yup that was it. I had been thinking more boards than what the picture was showing.
Particularly on boats, inside where they want the air circulation and near the bow where matching the curves of the frames makes it tough anyway the planks are perhaps an inch apart, and that look was what I was thinking about


Thank you; I didn’t know the term “French cleat,” so my search wasn’t turning them up, although there are always plenty of rabbit holes to go down in any set of search results on this forum… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I figured you had a particular rabbit hole you wanted though :slight_smile:

(and your description made me think you’d like knowing the term “French cleat” )

Have fun!


So many rabbit holes so little time…


Right? sigh


There are rabbit holes and Rabbit Holes.

Before my glowforge I was always falling down one or the other when looking for specific information. Amazing how many times I spent hours only to realize I still did not know information on what I started the search about.

At least the current winding path usually gives me insight on future projects. I have a rather massive bookmark selection named IDEAS.

I will also mention - “so many future projects - so little time”


Most future projects are their own rabbit holes that each leads to infinite directions and information needed, the major confinement of those the limitations of a 20" bed and 1/4" thickness and no metals.


Limiting factors keep us from getting lost in infinite rabbit holes. Almost makes me thankful for some of them. :wink: