French cleat wall storage


I’ve been working on my design skills and having fun designing each of the storage items for the cleats I recently added to the wall in my workshop. I find I can think about a design during the day then when I get home it takes me about an hour to draw it up, cut it out, glue up then hang it on the wall. I’m definitely loving this quick turn around.


I almost went French cleat but ended up going slat wall. Lots of inspiration in that one photo. Keep it up!


Nice! I’m planning on doing a smaller-scale French cleat system for household storage. Did you do a true French cleat (45 degree angles) or is it just a wood hook over a board with a standoff from the wall?


I love the different types of “modules”.


True French cleat. I just ran a spare piece of plywood through the tablesaw a few times. All I had was 5/8 but it seems to be working fine for what I needed. The 45 makes it easy to design to as well.


Your Glowcleats are awesome!
I love the variety of attachments you’ve made for them!


Never heard of a french cleat, but it sure beats the thing with the hooks for looks. :sunglasses::+1:


I was hoping you’d figured out a way to make cleats on the Glowforge when I read the subject! Got me all excited. I’m sure it could be done, though not the best tool for the job.

That looks super clean!! I need to take notes on your organizational skills!


Very nice!!! Bravo!


Nice and tidy organization and you can add/change modules whenever the whim strikes!


What a wonderful way to organize things! I sure like it better than a pegboard.


That, is awesome! Good job. Thanks s really inspiring. I love that there’s lots of big stuff there too. Just shows what’s possible.


Love French cleats. So easy to rearrange as necessary!

Sadly, don’t think I have a wall to use for this. Thinking about an A-frame rolling cart with French cleats.


A cleat system is perfect for this type of thing! And you have lots of room still left for more storage.


love, Love, LOVE this project!


You can simulate it to an extent by cutting two boards, one slightly narrower than the other, stacking and mounting with the narrow board towards the wall. You don’t get the 45 degree angle, but since you’re custom cutting the fittings anyway, it doesn’t matter.


Excellent organization!
That tape storage ability to just lift a roll out as opposed to hanging them on a dowel is killer. The spray can rack also rocks!
Wall storage of any kind is a great use of space.


This is possibly where you got the idea, but if you haven’t seen it yet, fellow Glowforger Bob at I Like To Make Stuff just did a video build of one:


Must be french cleat month.


Actually I’d started mine before his video came out. The ideas from mine came more from Frank Howarth’s You Tube videos and a Pinterest search. I do like Bob’s as well though…