Hopper idea - Easy one


Probably been suggested before, But I don’t recall it. How about Glowforge Gift Certificates?
Attributable to a user’s account good for designs or :proofgrade: material. That might be a welcome addition to the store… and give the spouse an easy out for gift ideas.


Great idea - in the hopper!


Well, I know MY Christmas would be spoken for!


Right now the store is only available to users, so the cert would have to be outside that boundary. (Speaking of which, @dan is there any progress on the multiple-user or sub-account front? )


giftcard / gift certificates would be fantastic. especially something that can either be on amazon or easily be linked to an amazon wishlist.


I know I would certainly be asking all my friends and relatives to buy me one! They would most likely buy one for me too, because they would get cool stuff in return :grin:


That’s how naive I am, that hadn’t even occurred to me…:roll_eyes:


Oh man, yes please! Having it available through Amazon would be ah-mazing!


We’ll let you know when there’s new functionality to share!


We went to purchase a Gift Certificate from Kickstarter. Curiously, they have opted to not offer them.