Horning in, again


So, of course, I’m pushing my various boundaries and experiences. I picked up an ox horn comb (which a single use makes me wonder why I’ve been using plastic crap my entire life, let me tell you).


So I chased it with ink:

I really like the results, and I’m certainly not going back to plastic.


Wow! That’s stunning with the ink! :grinning:


Going to lay hands on more horn, to be sure. Now to play with some bone.


This is great. Did you have to accommodate for the comb teeth in the design?


Naughty me, I just dropped the design right on the comb and burned.


I like it!


I find that Rit Dye makes good color fill on most items.


Going to have to try that. I’ve got some sharpies around, though I do have a couple bottles of carbon ink in my office.


Here’s hoping this isn’t your serial killer origin story.


If it is, I’ll make it a unique one, to be sure.


:laughing: Well that’s what really matters. The only thing worse than ritualized murder is boring ritualized murder.


Exactly. Nothing boring about my plans.