Horse accoutrements

So the fun of owning a horse is you get to purchase all the crap that goes with a horse. And to offset the costs of keeping a horse (man room and board is more for the horse than my daughter at university) we lease the horse back to the stable as a school horse; this means that we need to tag all the accoutrements to make sure they stay with Bella, so anodized tags it is (I made some but they were “too big” per my wife and would distract Bella so she wanted really small tags, so I engraved on both sides. Not sure what happened with the right most one. I assume it moved in the air-assist, it’s actually a cool effect, but actually make newer tags look like that deliberately in AI - I am assuming it isn’t a belt slip). Yeah, it’s not a cardiac surgery simulator, but it keeps my wife happy, which is more useful to me than happy cardiac surgeons at work… I figured the laser engraving will survive longer than engraving it via cnc milling machine since the surface is protected from the elements.


Horses are second only to yacht racing for $ :slight_smile: Wait until you have to fly the horse to AZ or somewhere for a competition :scream:


At our last count we have about 25 horses right now (we breed them) and I get asked a few times a week if I have received my glowforge yet so that we can mark all our saddles, halters, reins, and all the other equipment that comes along with them. I love the anodized tags, I’ll remember that for the future! Love seeing all your projects!


Not sure about the air assist causing that sort of aberration, it appears that the mid one is deformed as well, but that might just be my eye playing tricks on me.

I would assume an object being moved while being engraved would result in a sharp deviation of the cut. I’m just guessing based on how I think the laser works, I get mine tonight :slight_smile:




Doesn’t @dan have a history with Microsoft? Looks like he snuck a Word/PowerPoint wordart Easter egg in on you!


hahah. I do too (I was on the Excel team back in the lat 80s) but I have to admit I never use that word art stuff…