Horse Stall Signage

My brother wanted some signs for his horses. “Something nice and simple and easy to move as the horses move” – A little quick work in Inkscape and off to the GF…


The horseshoes are a nice touch!


What’s BHT and why are there five?

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Nice! Think I will do something similar for my sister-in-law. Here was my first project for her.


Too funny about the never ridden horses!

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My brother rents space to a horse trainer who’s company is BHT.

Here is the SVG as a starting point… (10.6 KB)

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Thanks!!! Would you like me to message you the file for the sign I posted?

That would be cool, thanks!

Haha I love it! I have horses but no place of my own to board them. I’d love a sign like that lol

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Great for practical cuts… Practical cuts

What a wonderful project for your brother. And for his horses, too!

Cute! Love the little horseshoes for luck! :grinning: