Hot Glue Gun Caddy for French Cleat Wall (or desk/workbench)

Hey awesome Glowforge community!

I am new to Glowforge and am excited to share a rapid prototype process we were working on for our school makerspace. Follow the link to see the process if you like, including how we worked Box-O-Matic into our workflow.

It’s a hot glue gun caddy that allows kids to easily grab the whole kit-and-kaboodle (sp?) and take it to their workspace for projects. We have a French Cleat system freshly installed in our makerspace, and we are so excited to develop more designs that leverage the Glowforge + French Cleat System! While we used hot glue and cardboard for the prototype, the final will likely be out of acrylic or pressboard (with the cleat screwed, not glued. :wink:

The design should fit 12oz Mason Jars and the Adtech mini low-temp glue gun, but double check with what you have before going all in. Of course the design can be modified to fit different jars and guns. :wink: Design files below.

Hot Glue Gun Prototype 1 of 2.pdf (185.3 KB) Hot Glue Gun Prototype 2 of 2.pdf (71.0 KB)

I was excited to see others on this forum are also designing for French Cleats!


Oh my goodness! My absolute favorite part of that video was where you sat and twiddled your thumbs waiting for the glue gun to heat up! BTDT! :rofl: :+1:


Welcome to the forum. It is obvious you will be a great addition to the community. I look forward to your future posts.

I love that you use the glue gun to make a caddy for the glue gun.

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Welcome to the community! You will love it here.

I’m curious how you are managing social distancing in your makerspace.


Fun to watch your video. Great idea to keep it all together. Nice of you to share!

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HA! Thank you! That was my favorite part too :slight_smile:

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Yes, very meta! LOL