House Numbers Sign

Where we live, we have a neighbor who shares our driveway, because their house lot is directly behind ours. Because we order packages regularly, we often get delivery drivers pulling up to the street and not being sure which house is which, because neither were labeled. This was also a problem for any guests visiting us, so today I finally added a sign to hopefully help any new people looking to find us.

The sign is made from matte black acrylic, glued to regular white acrylic. Just cut some holes in it to ziptie to the fence, and am happy with the end result.

It looks smaller in the photo than it actually is, it’s something like 6x15", and is pretty noticeable in person.


Great job! I’m sure everyone will appreciate the awesome sign!


Nice–great idea to have house numbers–also critical if you ever have to call for fire or police!


Oh yeah, that should do it! Looks nice.

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We have the same problem, but we’re up on top a hill with two house in front, one to the left and one to the right. Even though we put our house number on the fence to our driveway (a bright green one with reflective numbers which we bought from Amazon, as I didn’t have my Glowforge yet), we still had trouble with delivery people not knowing which house was ours. Oh, and we have our address on the porch post as well. Because our address was actually just a deeded right-of-way, and we have a “real property” driveway that goes to a different street, we went to our County Assessors Office and asked them to change our address to the other street. That was just last week, so we’ll see how delivery people do now!
Don’t you love how we can make practical things right from our own homes?? I love having a Glowforge!

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The practical projects are always a joy to make. Much like the recent GF update that was put out for April, I find myself trying to figure out a way to make something before I buy it, even if I’m using more expensive materials and could probably find a cheaper alternative :sweat_smile: Living in Hawaii means that certain things take longer to show up, so the balance of time is tipped in making things almost every time, versus the buy.

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I can understand that. We used to have a timeshare in Maui and know the cost of things there! We sold the timeshare years ago, but I do miss Maui and buying coconut chunks from the stores! I still have some square wooden plates and other things we bought there. Ooh - I can now engrave on my plates! I never use them to eat on, but they sure would be nice to decorate with! Yay!

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