Housing for Google AIY Vision Kit

Wanting to learn more about computer vision and Tensorflow, I picked up a Google AIY Vision kit. This kit comes with a Raspberry Pi Zero W, a camera, and a few other components along with a pre-cut cardboard housing. The kit is pre-configured to identify people’s mood and it can be used to develop and test new computer vision models.

After trying out the cardboard housing, I wanted something a bit sturdier. Thanks to Affinity Designer and my Glowforge Pro, I was able to quickly produce a design which looks nice and is less likely to fall apart on my desk.

Design files and images are published on the Thingiverse.

By the way, Glowforge is hiring Computer Vision Engineers!


Interesting! Would you say it is accurately assessing your mood?

It can detect when I am smiling and when I’m frowning :slight_smile:

The kit comes with pre-loaded object classification models and a few face detection apps. The primary purpose of the kit is to teach people how to develop their own machine learning models using Tensorflow.

awesome! going to make this, thanks for sharing!!!