How 2 engrave a photo on a round object?

I’m having a blast whit the machine and did some fun projects! Now i wanted to make something easy… at least i thought it would be: A round keychain hanger.

So i opend inkscape, draw myself a circle (4cm) and imported a photo. Used a mask and uploaded. However the machine dind’t reconize the mask. I tried again whit a cutting path, same result.

I saved my keychain whit photo as .png and imported the picture back in inkscape and made an outline as cutline. This actualy worked, but is to much trouble…

Then i tried to cut the keychain and engrave it. But when i import the photo i wants to engrave the whole thing even when there is only a round keychain hanger in the machine?!

So what is the best method to engrave a photo on a round shaped object?

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Clipping marks are not supported. You should either crop your image to a circle and save as a transparent png in your preferred image editor or set up your clip, then export the resulting clipped image as a raster, export it, then import it back into your svg. Either way should give you a true circular image.

Surround your circle with a cut path and you’re good to go.

Search the forum for clipping mask for further reading.


Post the image with the clipping mask and I can adjust it for you so you can do it!
Basically you need to do it in Photoshop and or a software you like and or just export as PNG with transparent background!

If in illustrator, there is an option of Flatterb Transparency (in object tab) do that keepping the transparency and export as PNG with transparent bg!

I hope that helps!

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This makes perfect sense, maybe i just hoped for something to good to be true! Thank you

In theory clipping masks might be supported in the future, but for now this is a fairly bomb-proof workflow at least.

It’s maybe not as convenient as a clipping mask, but when you get it dialed in it only adds a couple minutes to the design process.

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Not sure of the exact process in Inkscape, but in Illustrator, you can apply a clipping path to the image, and then rasterize the clipping path and image together, which will effectively crop the image in the shape of the clipping path and give it a transparent background.

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Inkscape has “create bitmap copy” which works similarly.

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Will try :smiley: thank you