How 3D Printing, Lego, and Custom Sleeves Are Helping Hospitals | Make



way to go @henryhbk!


Congratulations @henryhbk! Great article and it’s nice to see you getting the recognition for your work that you deserve. :+1:


Woo-hoo, @henryhbk!!! :+1:

Gotta say the screaming mini-fig about to go into the MRI made me snortle!


Yeah, the lego radiology suites was the table next to ours, and they were pretty cool.


That’s very cool @henryhbk but a shame they don’t get to see so many of the other great tools and training techniques that we’ve been privvy to.

Well deserved and I always look forward to your posts on here. Thank you for all you’re doing for everyone.


Where are the colons!?

(Congrats, @henryhbk!!)