How are we all feeling this morning?

(Thanks @rodrigobrionesm for finding this…pretty much nails it.)


LOL - Rich


sigh mini bunny failing so hard right now to get to that window

my big bunny’s are sleeping fully relaxed and just letting the day be the day (future glow forgers should take the example)


Today has more sense than before, but the rabbit is still alive, he shakes the dust off the fur and jumps again :relieved:


I’m doing better than expected! When I first heard the news, I was very (very, very) disappointed but not entirely surprised. I was dreading the conversation with my husband, who has been quite annoyed since the last delay was announced; at this point, he just growls when I say the word “Glowforge” :frowning:

A couple weeks ago, I gave him a preemptive warning that I suspected another delay, and it was not well received. So I expected him to freak out, and to pressure me to cancel. At the end of the day, it’s my choice, but I value his opinion and the harmony in our home. He surprised me by taking the email very well - in fact, he was downright positive about the whole thing! He agreed that it looks like a much better product than we originally signed on for.

Reader’s digest version: I’m cool, and plan to hang in for a bit longer. July/August simply won’t work for me, but I’ll stick it out for as long as I can.


Feeling that was not a good thing to hear but smiling just to remember the 3d.

So something like this


That was cute… loved the kittens scattering when mom missed! :smile:


I feel that I have as much Glowforge as I had last week and the week before so…the same? The delay hasn’t bothered me that much.
Those who shall not be named releasing their crazy posts like the flying monkey scene from Oz has me more bummed than the delay.

45 new posts and 40 can be skipped over. 5 are people being bummed by the other 40. I’m ready for us to go back to posting Ai files and personal projects.


I haven’t even mentioned glowforge lately at home. We order in-development stuff fairly often around here (never on quite this scale before) and the attitude has always been that it comes when it comes. (Usually it’s things like card games or technical trinkets or cloth or artwork.)


Life goes on and I will continue to look forward to the delivery of an amazing machine. The problem for me is that I am pretty old and maybe my days are more numbered than others. Would you young folks mind stepping aside and let us elders move to the front of the line so we have a few more days to enjoy our purchase before the final curtain falls? :wink:


Yeah, I’ve backed quite a few crowdfunding projects, but they’ve all been charitable or creative projects that I contributed to simply to support the vision or goal. Perks were incidental and it’s always been an amount that I could easily part with. This is the first time that I’ve backed at this price point or that my motive was not altruistic.

Like so many others who saw the promo video, I’d never funded a tech project like this before, so I misunderstood and thought there was a working prototype and my money would simply help to fund large scale production. In that sense, it has definitely been a learning experience.

And before anyone decides to dredge up more horse corpses - I get it now. I mean this in the nicest possible way, but now I know. Don’t need my nose rubbed in it, please and thank you. (That last bit was not directed at anyone personally - it’s just a general, preemptive “don’t go there” :wink: )


Yup, this is our attitude. We are lucky to not feel the set-back financially of the few failed project we have backed but the majority of stuff we do back comes in at-or-above expectations but is also often delivered later than initially stated.

The wifu (who was the one who initially got us excited about the Glowforge) does not even know the delivery date (1st, 2nd & now 3rd one) - when i asked her if she wanted to know she said: “Nope, it will come when it comes”.


Since you asked… As someone who is neither an engineer nor a professional crafter, I ordered the Glowforge believing it would be a tool I could rely on to work with no fuss. I know there are other options already available, but the amount of time I would have to invest in learning how to use and troubleshoot those machines would render them useless to me.

Thank you @Dan and Glowforge team for making the decisions you have. You’ve leveraged investors, built a wonderful community of people who have far more experience than I do, and made decisions that must have been agonizing for you, all so that you don’t have to compromise on the vision you’ve shared with us. Please know that I will only be disappointed if you send me a machine that is any less amazing than you promised.


I really hope @AuntiMame got a pre-production unit.


Out of love again… damn!:+1:



@pomwah It’s sweet of you, and others, to think of me but I never signed up for the beta program. I think I mentioned in a previous post that the :glowforge: isn’t even mine. I’m the buyer of record because my credit card was used, but my credit-card-less niece actually ordered it. She has no real interest in being on the boards or having to provide feedback (she’s a textbook introvert), and I can’t physically interact with a :glowforge: . So there was no benefit to anyone in applying.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to play with one. But it doesn’t advance development or bug fixing to send one to me. And I’m not asking.

And it’s not like I’m the only person on this board that has life-limiting issues. There is a least 1 other person who has ALS… and statistically likely there are more. :cry:


There is so much grace in everything you say, I wish with all my heart that you could use one.