How big a sheet can I actually fit inside (not cut area)

Since we’re getting close I’ve been looking at the various materials that you can buy for lasering.

What’s becoming very apparent is that an awful lot of them are sold as 300mm x 600mm.

I already know I’m going to have to hand cut the end of so many sheets (which is a real shame).

But this has led me to wonder, exactly how big a sheet can I actually fit in the GF, I know the bed area is 18" x 20.4". Now in miillimeters that is 457 x 518…

Can I actually fit a 450 x 500 millimetre sheet into the machine, will it get past the head and everything???


It’s 18" x 20.4" material handling, and here’s a thread discussing this, as well as a software feature in the works that will allow someone to rotate and re-align material to use up that 18" material depth.


@mpipes numbers are correct, I’ll just add that any attempt to go past the 20.4 would be hard as there is a decent sized lip along the edge of the crumb tray. You could probably go somewhere around 21 if you just had to but you’d have to properly support the piece. At some point just over 21, you will jam the Y axis gantry. Don’t ask how I know this.

The 18 is hard stops with the case as it was planned around the pro and everything is flat and nothing gets in the way. With the pro, this 18 becomes unlimited. Having a PRU I am seeing more and more use cases for this even without indexing support.


All of their numbers are correct, however the current single job limit is 11" X 19.5". If you want to get at more of the sheet than that you will need to flip the sheet or preposition for another print.

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Sorry, not sure if my question is answered.

I know the bed area and cut area.

My question is can I physically get an 18x20 sheet in the machine? It would need to tilt to be clear of the front, will it still clear the head and other fixtures on the way in?

It’s not the lying flat once in that bothers me, it is getting it in in the first place (and out again)

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Not near my machine right now. I know the 20" is good and suspect that the 18" is also. In addition to the lid that opens up there is a front door. The Front door folds down so the sheet can slide in flat without tilting.


I presume you can’t actually operate the laser with the front door open?

Just thinking about those 10mm too long 300x600 sheets.

Be great to just laser the ends off

No the front door, and lid, has to be closed to operate. There are two sensors to detect if the front door is actually closed. If you have a Pro the lid and door still need to be closed to operate, but there is a slot to slide material through.


Thanks guys, that’s answered the question

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Those two sensors are magnetic. There are two corresponding magnets in the door. It’s the magnet that satisfies the sensor, not the door.


Might want to let this particular horse find its own path to the water. Just in case it drowns itself, at least it only has itself to blame. :wink:


Yup, that is why I didn’t mention it. If you can’t figure out how to spoof an interlock yourself that is a pretty good indication that you shouldn’t.


Yes I think my main use of the pass through slot will be slicing off 100mm from 300 x 600mm boards. I do have a band saw but I have to take it down from the shelf, hook up dust extraction, etc.


This machine will address the full 12" width of Proofgrade. I have been trimming off the ends to save material, but the full width gets engraved.

Edit: I was mistaken, there is an inch that can’t be reached.


Confused? Why are you trimming the ends?

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Just to save that scrap on the end.

Glowforge can’t address a full 20" width of material at one time. You can’t shift it over enough to cut all the way on the margins since the material hits the plastic crumb tray from around the honeycomb. Cutting off one inch or more will allow you to have more material rather than a 1/2 inch strip cut from the left and 3/4 or so from the right