How big is too big of a file? [Resolved]

I’ve been having a lot of problems getting an entirely vector image (cut lines & engrave lines) to load in the GFUI I just get an endless “Rendering your design…” page until the whole page eventually locks up or crashes.

Only thing I can think of of is that maybe the file size is too large. (326KB)

I’m frustrated a bit by the lack of feedback within the process (loading bar, percentage, warning pop up, etc)

Will larger files always be an issue for the GFPro, or will it improve with updates?

I’ve been able to run other files I’ve designed that are less than half the size load within 30 seconds. Also, I’ve run this same design on other non-GF lasers.

If it isn’t the file size does anyone have any ideas why I might be experiencing this issue? I searched the forums but all the other people with similar issues it was unclear how they resolved them, and haven’t heard back from Support@glowforge other than the automated ticket.

If you want to post or pm your file, someone, or I, can take a look at it.

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@dan once said that they wouldn’t comment on a maximum node count. My suspicion as to why is that it’s not as simple as node count, but that certain types of shapes are heavier than others. There’s a lot of crazy stuff we can do in SVGs and PDFs, it’s probably nearly impossible to put a meaningful set of criteria around “this is too big”.

So, what @jbmanning5 said. The file might be an issue. I can tell you that there currently a maximum execution time, though I am not sure that’s been laid out either. If you have a very large or very detailed (meaning high LPI) engrave, it can push your job duration over that limit. I wouldn’t expect it to crash the page, but to come back and tell you “sorry, no go”. I’ve had some engraves take several minutes to finally come back and say “nope”… it’s discouraging, but there are some upper limits.

@jules and some other heavy commenters like @dwardio, @kittski, @julybighouse, @polarbrainfreeze may have more insight…? Anyone know if there are current guidelines (official or unofficial) about upper limits?


If your file is otherwise clean, try adding a bounding box around the entire design. That was the solution for a similar problem I had.



Not sure how or why but now it uploads quick and timely


Hurray, glad it worked for you!

Depending on your design, you can also sometimes solve this problem by making sure your outer cut path is closed, which seems to give it that same bounding box function. I prefer to do it that way so I can skip the extra bounding box step, but of course that won’t work for every design.


Ah here is another thread on the topic.


Thanks for the help everyone, @ihardlyknow I’m glad you were able to sort things out! I’m going to close this thread - if the problem reoccurs, go ahead and post a new topic.