How can I avoid engraved areas rubbing/flaking off of draftboard material?

I’m loving my Glowforge so far, but when I engrave on draftboard, the engraved (burnt) areas are rubbing off. Little smoldering bits come off on fingertips when gently rubbed. Is there something I can purchase to seal the material, or stop it from flaking off? Here is a picture for reference of the areas of concern…

You can see the cutout lips are smudged a bit.
Also, I’m concerned about the dark areas in this piece being easily rubbed off.


I’d shoot it with some clear acrylic spray paint.

Victor doesn’t look like anyone I know, so I’m guessing we’re not related. :slight_smile:


Thanks! Will try that.


If durability is what you’re after, which would make sense for preserving a memento about Victor, you might want to look at tiles or anodized/enameled metal. Both materials stand up to handling.

Sorry for your loss.


I second @randy.cohen suggestion, and there are several different products you can use, but I usually hit it with a bit of Krylon. They have lots of options as far a shine, thickness etc. and you can see them here.


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