How did they print that?


So the new Lee Valley catalog showed up and I was flipping through. I saw this:

So my question to the class is, how are they painting or printing the images. Obviously their laser cuts are a tad off from the paint lines, but it works for the look.

For 20 Canadian pesos I know bulk production and China bring down the price, but wow cheap.


Probably silk screened it?


They just used a flat-bed printer. Probably UV-cured ink.


I would guess silk screen too, although flatbed digital printers or slavewage child laborers with paintbrushes are possibilities as well.


trotec just put up a video today about using a UV printer on wood in conjunction with a laser cutter


Thanks. I couldn’t find it. If you can easily post the url I would be appreciative. Thanks!


I don’t think it’s silk-screened as it has many colors. I agree that it’s likely UV flatbed printer. Also watching the Trotec Canada post, they’re using a Mutoh UV printer to print then Trotec to engrave and laser the material. Very interesting.


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