How different are the power/speed settings for the Basic vs. Pro units?

After a bunch of trial and error, I’ve figured out that .125" corrugated cardboard burns great on my Glowforge basic with:

Cuts: 275/100
Engrave: 1000/60
Score: 500/13

Will these settings work on a Pro? If not, is there some way of calculating the different requirements with some success, e.g. 60% power on a Basic = 48% power on a Pro (20% less power required)?

Everything but full power is the same so yes these would work the same on a pro.


That’s interesting. So you’re saying that 100% “precision power” on a Basic is the same as 100% “precision power” on a Pro? That would be awesome.

I wonder how much more powerful “Full” is compared with 100% “precision” on a Basic/Pro…

Yes that would be interesting but GF will not say. Does anybody have a laser power meter? I have one but no GF.

You’d need two. A basic and a pro.

I have access to a basic and a pro, no power meter :smile: