How do I bend the living hinge?

Mine always break is it the wood I’m using? Used the wood they sent with the glowforge and every one I have tried to make, eg the mailbox stamp holder, breaks with very little pressure. Is there a trick to this? Thank you in advance.

Make sure the wood you are using is plywood and that the hinge is not cross the grain.


Problems and support is for opening tickets with Glowforge staff. I’ve moved this to an appropriate section.

Wooden versions aren’t suitable to be used as active hinges for very long. Good for making rounded/smooth shapes but they won’t hold up to repeated bending. If you’re just trying to bend to a shape, then the advice above is good. You might also try wetting the material first to get it to shape, then clamping it in place while it dries.


I have had good luck wetting them before gently gradually bending them to the desired curve, then taping or clamping in place until they dry.


Thank you will try both ideas! Just got the glowforge and testing out some ideas on it.


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