How do i clean my fan?


Smoke has been seeping from the front of my GF. I removed the exhaust tube and the fan looks pretty gunky… However, I can’t seem a way to clean it without taking a screwdriver to it. And I don’t want to void my warranty. (I’ve already cleaned my exhaust hose and it has no kinks in it. )

Any thoughts? Smoke leaks out from the machine if I tend to do any prints longer than 5 minutes. I hope the resolution isn’t to clean it with Q-tips.

Actually, the Q-tips are a good way to maintain it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Glowforge has a set of instructions for proper cleaning of the fan here:


Great, I did not see anyone suggest this in the other threads so thank you for sharing this. I guess Q-tips are the way to go for now.

Thank you!

Well, if you want to take a shot at really cleaning it by hand, i do have a method written up. (This was the way I do it, but it takes longer. Doesn’t require purchasing the spray though.)

(It’s much easier to clean on Basic models as opposed to Pro. No heat sink.)


Hmm, guess I never shared my cleaning method on the forum like I thought I had. Anyway, if you have a basic, it’s really simple to reach back with a baby wipe (which is what I had), or a paper towel with some other type of cleaner on it, and rub each blade down. I put a popsicle stick through the honeycomb and the fan grate to hold it in place while I wiped the blades. Actually just did cleaned mine again yesterday and forgot how nice these machines can look when they’re clean!

Baby wipe turned leather

Originally used a Qtip to hold fan blades

Final clean

These pictures are from the first time I cleaned it. It really wasn’t all that difficult, just took about 10 minutes of my time. Again, if you have a basic or even a plus, it should be easier than if you have a pro.


Now, I must ask…reach through where? I’ve done a bit of cleaning the fan, a la Jules method…but, to me, it is not simple. I did even buy an endoscope which will help, but looks to me like you’ve got your whole hand in there. What am I missing here?

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That would be, because I do have my whole hand in there. I can’t see what I’m doing while I clean it, so I just go by feel, then double check to see that it’s actually getting cleaner by peaking my head and a flashlight in.

I open the front of the laser, then slide the arm as far forward as it can go, then there’s a ton of space to reach in and clean it :grin:


Well duh…that’s what I was missing. For some reason, I never thought to slide the gantry as far forward as possible. So simple, yet it eluded me. I will do much better with that, now. Thank you, Ray!


I figured that’s what you may have been missing! :wink:

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Thanks for the answers, everyone. @johnnydefrange, can you let us know if you have any more questions?

It’s been a little while since I’ve seen any replies on this thread so I’m going to close it. If you still need help with this please either start a new thread or email