How do I combine these 2 designs in inkscape?

I’m trying to combine a cardinal compass star (from SVG) to a circle: while I actually want to know how to do is engrave the dark parts of the star, then cut out both the circle inside as well as cut out the star.

at the left you can see the star (which is compromised of many triangular shapes: the dark parts are fills) and on the left it’s what I’m trying to accomplish. mask or clip seem to give the opposite of what I want, keeping the inside and siscarding the outside…


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I know how to do it in Illustrator but not Inkscape. But fortunately @jules created a tutorial. I think this is the one you want:

And for sure check out all the other tutorials in the Glowforge Tips and Tricks section. The first posting has an index to the training matrix.


Unsure about inkscape (methods, function calls) as well, but a template is a fast way to do what you seem to want.
Here are the steps to make a template that will extract all Outside your circle. You just need to find the functions that match the jargon below.
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thank you very much, I’m actually trying to accomplish the opposite, I don’t want the center, I want the star’s points

Do you actually want to cut the circle out of the center, or do you just not want it engraved?

I’d like to first engrave the exposed tips, then cut out both the star shape as well as the circle. I honestly spent 2 hours on this and I think I got something close to what I want, but it feels like there is a better way…

this is what I got. originally I wanted a pattern instead of a gradient but that seems to be too difficult!

Well, I was going to suggest this earlier, but wasn’t sure where you were going with it…if you’re going to cut the center out anyway, you can just engrave the whole thing, then drop a circle cut on the middle. You can always cut another plain circle out if you want to use the plain center for something.

edit: App.GF doesn’t take gradients, but I could edit>convert to bitmap

I guess that’s true. simple answers works best.
although I enjoy learning the proper process. I’m always afraid that my knowledge will dictate my deisngs and not the other way around…

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That’s another way you could do it, since it’s going to be converted to a bitmap anyways.

Place your circle over the center. Make a copy of the circle and hide it for later. Select the nautical star and the center circle > make bitmap. Then unhide the copy of the circle and you can use that as a cut.

You’ll probably also need a copy of the star to make a cutline with.

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Ahhh okie dokie…

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I’m currently trying something like that with some Celtic knots so they appear with the over/under look and realized I will have to create a bitmap to have the gradient I want.1520572042610257855556

@leahgee2 Wasn’t sure if you were still working on this, but better late than never I guess :stuck_out_tongue: . There are a couple of ways you could do it, but this would be my easiest solution. (I use Corel Draw so some of the names of the commands will be different than your program.)