How do I customize the ear savers?

Newbie here and NOT familiar with inkscape at all yet. I downloaded the ear saver file but how do I eliminate the glowforge info and create the personalization? Thanks a ton for the help :smiley:

First thing people will need to know before they can be much help is what program do you have? If you have nothing, download Inkscape as it is free and powerful. Not the very most user friendly but we’ll get past that.

I’m in inkscape trying to learn how to use it.

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Okay, start here: For anyone who is a COMPLETE BEGINNER with laser design, designing softwares, etc

That will keep you busy for a little while while we wait for the main group to wake up and give you more.


Thank you!



Thank you. I did see this and I did practice the tutorial. But what I can’t figure out is how to upload the ear savers and change the wording.

@stacy.bell.singh … it is a process! But before you know it you will be so deep into rabbit holes(which you probably do not even know what that is yet) and look back and the whole not knowing that lasted several months (at least it was several months for me) will seem like a glimpse of a week. It is a process but a rewarding one. Just do not be like me…and forget to post pictures of all the won derail things you do!I am horrible about that. And I have a new set of self improvements that I am about to start on… and that is actually on my self improvement list. That should tell you how bad of a habit I have. I can not remember, for the life of me, to post/take pictures of completed projects! IT’S HARD!!


This was perfect for me! Thank you,