How do i draw without premium or cut simple rectangle shapes

do i have to have premium in order to draw , cut simple shapes, or copy photos?

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You will need something like Inkscape (free), Google Draw, Adobe Illustrator, Affinity Design or another program to create your own files. You can also buy files, use Catalog designs or search the forum for free files to use. As for making rectangles, there is a file in the free file section with all sorts of shapes and a line that you can use by adding it to your Dashboard. Here is the link to that file: Cut Shapes Template


If you want to only do this in the GF interface yes. As @dklgood mentions, there’s lots of free/cheap design software out there I’d you don’t want to use premium.

No, copying and pasting is available to all.
PREPARING photos to work nicely for engraving takes other design software. There’s no GF function in premium or otherwise.


To get the most of your ideas and machine, learning design software like Inkscape will pay off in perpetuity. A favorite tutorial site of mine is “Logos by Nick” on YouTube. You will be off and running in short order.


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