How do I figure out what kinds of fabrics to use?

Hello, how do I know which fabrics I can try in the glowforge without ruining it or creating toxic fumes? I have lots of fabrics with various type of fiber content. I can figure out if they are natural or synthetic, and if natural what fiber, but that’s about all the info I have on them.

These are fabricsI’ve collected over time from various fabric stores and it’s not easy to figure out the manufacturer. They don’t come with MSDS.

So how do I know which ones won’t “ruin the glowforge?”


(Sorry if this is a repeat question, but I did searches and couldn’t find an answer.)

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Moving this to “Beyond the Manual” because Glowforge currently has limited support for the wide range of answers this question will generate - (ie.- they only provide support for leather).

Safe and acceptable fibers: almost anything natural, except mineral fibers.

Perhaps safe, but needing research: manmade fibers.


And the old standby, since manmade fiber is just plastic:


Thanks! I don’t mind experimenting as long as I don’t permanently damage the glowforge.

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Very helpful to have this link to plastics!

Very helpful info, thank you.

What about the dyes used to color the fabrics? Might there be any issue with burning them?

I don’t believe so, even if there was. The % amount that makes up for colouration would be very low, realistically not worth worrying about.