How do I find out the PG settings?

I’ve got a project and want to do a deep engrave into Padauk wood with our GF Plus. The PG settings to engrave, SD graphic, Medium Cherry Hardwood look crisp and clean, but I want to make 2 passes. I had read that once I selected the PG settings, I could just click on manual and see them. That reveals 1000 zooms, 1 pew, and we know that isn’t right.

Selecting the PG and then going to custom settings reveals 1000 zooms, full power pews, and we know that isn’t right. I tested to make sure, and yes, it just chars the wood.

Is there a list somewhere? Is there a way to get the software to tell me what settings it is really using?

Thanks so much!

Just click on the arrow next to the setting…


On SD graphic, that shows 1000 zooms, full pews. 270 LPI 1 pass. That seems impossibly inaccurate, but for giggles, I gave it a go with those settings just as they were, to see if they indeed would match the test circle engraved right next to it with just the SD graphic default selection.

It obliterated the wood. So, those settings are not accurate.

I also have never seen what the settings for proof grade are. How do you see them?

well for me, I have it set to medium red acrylic and it shows

And that worked quite well for me last night even though it wasn’t proofgrade acrylic (for the most part all acrylic is the same)…

If I choose thic basswood plywood it shows
for engrave…

on a cut…

So… don’t know what to tell you. Seems pretty accurate here.

That what it shows for me for SD graphic on both a vector and a raster…pretty sure that’s correct. You make the engrave darker/deeper by increasing the LPI, but if it’s already “crisp and clean” why would you want to run it a 2nd time?

I ran the SD “settings” of 1000 / full, and it obliterated the wood.

The engrave isn’t deep enough, so I need to tweak the settings a little, or run a 2nd pass.

What do you mean obliterated the wood?

What was mentioned above is the correct way to see what the PG settings are for a given material and job type.

It does use vary power though so if your initial engrave was not black, it would have used reduced power.

Paduak is not Proofgrade, so those settings are unlikely to work without some testing. If you search the forum for Padauk Settings you will likely find something that works better.

When you want to go deeper with an engrave, increase the LPI.

I’ve done some engraving on Padauk, it is a very hard, very messy wood that’s going to require you to clean up the machine, and the cut, afterwards…it’s got a lot of resin that goes airborne and will stick to the fan badly. It chars horribly, but the char wipes off clean.

Having said that, my usual settings for medium deep engraving on 1/8" Padauk are 700/FP/270. Since I have a Pro machine, that FP might not cut as deeply for you with a Plus. If you want to increase the depth, take the LPI to 340.

And be standing by with a box of Zeiss wipes. :wink:

Thanks, y’all

I just used Medium Basswood and it was sufficient on masked Padauk.